October 13th, 2018 at 4:25PM

Hey, honey! I think you said this was the time you were going to be busy today, so I don't want to distract you or bother you, but I wanted to wish you such a good time! Please call me when you can tomorrow because I'd love to hear about your weekend. And I bet Nathan was going to have a lot of fun, too. Facetime me, okay? Your dad and I miss you both so much-- that reminds me, we need to start talking about our holidays. Do you think you'd want to come here for Thanksgiving or Christmas? We could alternate them both, so just let me know which you'd like to come out here for and then we'll come visit you both for the other. Love you, Janie, call me tomorrow!
Call Back
Hey, mom, sorry I didn't return your call from yesterday. I tried calling you just now, but I'll just tell you here that something's come up and I need to fly Nathan out to you guys TONIGHT.
Hi, sweetheart! Sorry, your father and I are out with friends... what's going on? Are you okay?
I'm fine, everything's okay, but this week is going to be busier than I'd anticipated. There's going to be a lot happening, I think, and I know you said you missed him. He'd love to see you, too.
It seems very abrupt, January. Are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine, mom. You know me, I get stressed when I'm underprepared.
Well, you know I'm not going to say no to seeing my grandson. If you think it's best he come out here, then of course we'd love to have him. Just let us know when the jet would be scheduled to land at JFK.
Thanks, mom. I'm scheduling all of those details now. Nathan and his nanny will be leaving from the Oakland airport no later than 10pm tonight if I can get it cleared and they can fly back next Sunday. Is that okay?
Of course! We'll take good care of them and make sure they have a good time. You take care of yourself, too, alright? I'm worried about you.
I'm fine, mom. Promise! I'll text you with further details in a bit. Love you.
Sarah McConnell
Hello, Miss Sarah. I know this is a huge inconvenience, but remember when we talked last month about my potential work weeks where I need you to take full care of Nathan? One of them has come up now, so I'm arranging for the two of you to fly out on our jet to New York. Everything will be taken care of for you and I'll transfer a bonus into your bank account now as well.
Oh, wow! Oh... okay, yes! When should I be ready?
Preferably within the hour.
...alright, Ms. Kincaid! I'll be over within thirty minutes. Is there anything else I can do?
Nothing that I can think of. My parents will meet you at the airport, you'll stay with them, and you'll have everything taken care of over there. This may be more like a vacation for you because my mom might want to take over kid duty.
I look forward to meeting her! Okay, I'll go pack...
Thank you so much, Sarah. I know this is a hassle, but I truly appreciate your flexibility. Had I been more aware this would be the week things would pick up, I would have been better organized.
It's okay, this is what I'm here for!
See you soon.
See you soon, Ms. Kincaid!
Antonio De Luca
Antonio, I need you to clear all of my meetings this week.
I can do that, no problem. Is there a certain reason I should give for canceling?
Personal matters. Send Carla Davies one of those gift baskets she loves and tell Michael Ross that next week we'll get dinner at that restaurant he raves about. You can send the others my apologies along with tickets to whatever's playing at the Orpheum Theatre - I think it's Miss Saigon.
Done and done. Anything else?
That's all for now. If (when) I think of something else, I'll email you. Sorry to bother on your Sunday night.
I live to be at your beckon call, boss.
I love it when you call me that.
I know. 😉
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