caught in a bad dream
Feels like I'm falling, into a world. I can't control

It had been a long day, too long really. She'd started work at 8 am, and it was 11am. The next day. When it rained, it poured and sadly it was starting to feel less like a metaphor and more like a reality. Elena had powers, she knew she did, but she was still trying not to rely on them. She liked her job, the work it took to figure out why someone had died. But asking them had gotten so easy. She had spent the entire last day trying to work without help from her otherwordly abilities only to get so far behind that she had to finally give in and bring the dead back long enough to ask how they died. She worried, everytime she did it, was this the time she lost her soul? She knew deep down it wasn't a blemish on her soul, but the Catholic part of her still worried. She was playing God and that wasn't a good thing. But then the part of her that resonated with the voodoo side of her upbringing reminded her that death always held power and to embrace it.

I hear it calling, down in my soul. Gripping my bones, it won't let go.

Elena wasn't really sure why she was on a bus today, she normally drove to and from work but for some reason she'd popped in over there yesterday and just didn't have the energy to do it back home today. So there she was, on a bus. The constant motion lulling her into a state of relaxation she hadn't felt in awhile. She was mostly starring outside, but she looked around once in awhile and smiled when she caught a man asleep against the window a few seats up from her. She wondered briefly what he was dreaming about, if he was. Was it work? Was it a loved one? She looked away and pressed her forehead to the window, only to close her eyes for a brief moment. A second she was sure.

Wake me up, won't you wake me up. I'm caught in a bad dream

The images came to her, like a giant hawk in the desert looking for food. A fire, a child in a window, a man looking up with that sense of helplessness that only a parent could feel. She looked around and saw the fire truck, she saw the people gathered around. She looked back at the house and felt the sense of pain, urgency. She knew, logically this was a dream, but she couldn't bring herself out of it. She felt the pain man in front of her was feeling as he looked at the house. She felt the way he wanted to run inside, but knew he couldn't. She felt the way the child was so desperate for breath.

I wanna feel the sun.I'm caught in a bad dream

Her eyes blinked open as she looked out the window in front of her, she turned her head and saw the man in the seat, he looked like the man in the dream. She watched him as tears rolled down his cheeks in sleep and she realized it was his dream. She didn't know why it was his dream, she wasn't someone who could touch the dreams of others. She was dealing with death, maybe he was feeling the death and she felt it? She wanted him to not cry, not feel the bad dream.

Feels like I'm frozen,nowhere to run. These walls are closing, closing me in. Wearing me thin, with fear.

"Stop" she begged silently, if she closed her eyes she was back in the dream. If she opened them she was frozen in her seat watching him dream. She remembered this movie she always liked and a line where the woman told the little girl to never think of puppies. She started thinking about puppies. She willed herself to think about anything cute. Her fish, puppies, kittens, anything. She closed her eyes and thought as hard as she could about puppies and kittens and flowers and sunshine. Anything that wasn't that fire.

Wake me up. I'm caught in bad dream

After a few minutes she began to feel the tension around her lessen. She blinked open her eyes and looked at the man, he was awake now and looking out the window. He looked confused, a little haunted and slightly bemused. He looked like his dream had changed from dispair to happiness and he didn't know why. She was exhausted, more tired than she'd felt in a long time. As soon as the bus stopped she ran off and into the first store with a bathroom she could find. She was going home, she was done with this ride of waiting. She didn't want to experience a moment like that ever again.