echo in the skin
The feeling of tresspass was one that was strong, but memories told another story. The mist that filtered up over the path, the silence that screamed in her head, everything told her to go away, to turn back, but her memories told her to go forward. Forward was the way to the castle, to the place where the books that held the answers were. Her power danced along her skin as she walked a path she'd never been on. She knew she'd never been here. When she came to get the fish, she'd popped in and back out. She'd never explored, never touched a part of this place that she otherwise had no reason to be.

The castle was massive, a place that shouldn't exist but was in front of her. The colors of it shimmered like a dark opal, like something that was both beautiful and dreary. She knew logically it made sense, this was the place they all were one, all those she'd never met but had been told about. She knew this was the place they all returned to and would call home. But this was the place her power and the power she shouldn't have called to. "The Dreaming," she mumbled alloud. She understood what it was, the releam where Death and her siblings were at home. She knew that Dream was the one who commanded all she could see currently, but she also knew she was the one welcome everywhere.

There weren't spirits here, but she could feel them just the same. Like they were floating just outside of where she was. It made sense, somewhat anyway. She knew that her entire being had become one with life and death, she could feel it. She'd felt it for awhile now. It was something she'd learned to manage. But it still got her sometimes, when things like this place came to be real.

"Come on Elena, keep walking. You wanted to understand these powers that keep popping you into people's dreams. Deal with being here and figure it out."

The last time she'd shared her body with Death she'd asked about the power. The biwilderment she'd felt from the intity that wasn't actually ouside of her was strong. She shouldn't have the power of dreams. She shouldn't be able to pop into people's dreams. She shouldn't be able to control nightmares.

At some point she'd walked thorugh the doors, she wasn't even sure when she did that. Maybe she hadn't, maybe she'd thought herself inside. She really had no idea anymore. She didn't want to feel crazy, she knew she had the powers she did. She'd accidently made one of the interns at work fall asleep. She was still getting the hang of this set of powers. She reached out and touched the doors before her, they moved like liquid in solid form. As she touched them they parted for her, like they knew her. She stepped into a room so full of books she'd never seen something like it. It reminded her of Beauty and the Beast, but better. She looked up and couldn't see where the books ended.

"Oh my god," she whispered as she turned around to take it all in. She spun when she heard the scrapping of what sounded like feet shuffling on the floor. And found herself face to face with a man she didn't recognize, but then suddenly she did. He belonged her, she didn't. "Lucien" it wasn't a question, but a fact. She was facing the librarian of the Dreaming. The man who studied every book in here. Every story.

The man was a little mad scientist looking, but as he looked at her his eyebrows went up and he gave a slight incline of the head, "Mistress Death," he greeted. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

She wasn't Death, not right now. But she did have her power, all of it. Maybe it was the power he felt? "I..." she wasn't sure how much to tell him, what to even say. Did she explain it all?

He stilled, eerily so. He looked at her, appraised her for a moment then frowned, "You aren't my Mistress. But you feel of her. You have her power, curious," he stated as he moved up to her, adjusting his glasses as he looked her over. "You also feel of my Master. Even more curious." He shrugged, turned and headed off, before calling "Are you coming? I'm sure you have qustions or you wouldn't be here in Ghost Castle, at least not in the Dreaming when you could be on Earth."

She paused, ready to ask what he meant then decided to follow. She could leave at anytime. If he could answer some questions then so be it.