extra heartbeats
Nothing is the same, There's a new world, Calling my name, I can't escape this

Thoughts had been running through Elena's mind since the other night at work. She'd avoided the morgue like it was a wild animal that might snap the minute eye contact was made. But she'd opened up a bit, talked to two different people. One gave her words that helped put her at ease. This wasn't so abnormal. Things like this happened. It could happen again, it could stop, or it could grow. It could become something else. She wasn't sure she wanted it to become something else. Something else meant that there would be more. Did she want there to be more? She didn't know that she wanted what it seemed to be. Feeling spirits, like some kind of voodood pristess, or a witch. Maybe that was it, maybe her father had ancestors who were witches from the old days and maybe she'd somehow connected to them. Sure, that made sense. She was going home this weekend. She could go and ask. If you knew where to look you could find the real people of the south. You could find the people who weren't dabblers for tourists, but true practitioners. Maybe one of them could talk to her. Was that a crazy thought? No more crazy than feeling like she'd sent a man's soul into the afterlife.

Shadows break the dark, And we know they can't be very far, Our fate is beckoning, It's beckoning

Thursday was always her Friday, Wednesday was her Thursday. Unless there was a big case, four days for ten hours and she was done. It was one of the reasons so was so eager to go home with Ana. To return to the one place she always found grounded. She packed up her things, going through the motions more than anything. She'd barely be able to tell anyone what she'd even done today. She hoped it wasn't anything that could hurt a case. She needed to get her head in the game, this wasn't normal. She paused, shook her head and stood up straighter. She was a professional, this needed to stop. She needed to put whatever was going on in her life on pause, work was work. Life was personal. That was personal and didn't belong here. She grabbed her scarf, wrapping it around her neck, pulled her jacket over her arms and grabbed her bag. Each step a well thought out moment as she focused on what was in front of her and not behind her. Finally grabbing her keys, she turned off the light to her office and left. It was her Thursday, almost her Friday and time to go home and focus on her.

Mysteries unfold, All the stories, Legends that we're told, We watch them come to life, We come to life

Driving in Boston was always a frustrating adventure. There was too much traffic and too many people, but it was too cold to walk and she had a car, so Elena opted to drive today. She was lost in her own head as she drove, watching the few people who were outside and the rest of the cars. She was with it enough to pay attention to her surroundings, to see how people hit their breaks, to avoid black ice, but she wasn't with it enough to remember driving home. She didn't remember the last stop light, she didn't remember the stop sign in her neighborhood. She barely rememebered pulling up in front of her building. She parked on the street today, she did it a lot when she knew she was leaving first thing in the morning. And tomorrow she'd do it again because the following day they were leaving. She'd pick Ana up and they could go to the airport. But tonight, she was home and that's what mattered. It was getting dark, and that meant colder. She hated the cold, she might be used to it from years in Boston, but she was a southern girl to the bone. As she got out of her car, grabbing her bag, she spotted a raven in a tree. She frowned, "Go before you freeze," she called to the bird. It didn't understand her, but she didn't want to find a ravencicle in the morning. That always made her sad.

We live in shadows, We live where darkness hides, We'll go where no one goes, We won't give up this fight

Nights were always the same. Come inside, turn on some lights, feed the cat dinner and eat something. Tonight was only slightly different, tonight she put on her comfy clothes, fuzzy pajama pants and a hoodie, before giving Lucifer some food. She made tea, she didn't want anything to eat tonight, so she opened a window to watch the city lights, curl up on a chair and drink her tea. Sometimes, the best way to unwind was to do nothing but think. Sometimes thinking made things worse, but tonight she needed to think, about anything really. Before she knew it, midnight had come and gone. The witching hour was upon her and the cat wanted to go to bed. Giving in, Elena put her mug of ice cold tea in the sink and went to bed. There were times the cat was a better adult than she was.

We're coming after you, Nowhere to run, We're coming after you, This is the hunt

When morning came, Elena didn't look at the clock as much as feel the warmth of the sun through the window. It was a chilly day, she knew it would be, but it was day and she needed to get up. She padded into the kitchen, the curtan over her balcony still wide open. She frowned when she saw a dark lump next to the door. As she got closer she frowned even more, the dark lump looked feathery. "Oh," she said softly as she grabbed a towel off the sink and pulled the door open. She knew it would be too late, the bird wasn't going to be alive. It couldn't have survived the cold of the night, not there on the ground like it was. She signed, and picked up the animal with the towel. The eyes were grey and clouded, it was clear death had come and gone. "You poor thing," she whispere liked the world was asleep, or maybe the bird was. She gently ran her fingers along the bird's head and felt the same pull she'd felt when she was at the morgue that night. Like her will would change the outcome. "You should be alive, not dead," she cooed. She hated to see any animal dead, it wasn't their fault, not for something like this. She continued to stroke the birds feathers and yelped when the eyes blinked at her. She nearly dropped the bird when she felt the body ruffle.

Nothing is the same, There's a new world, Calling my name

She watched as the bird fluffed itself up, gave a shrill caw and flew out of her hands into the world. Standing there, with the door open and the freezing air brushing past her, Elena knew in her soul that bird had been dead. But as she watched it fly away she wasn't sure anymore. She jumped when she felt the brush of fur on her toes, looking down she saw her cat looking at her with the normal demand of food. She shut the door and with her back to it, she tried to make sense of what just happened. She wasn't going to work today. Was she? She was thinking a mental health day.