Happy Birthday
gift 1 | gift 2 | donut cake

Neil Penniford & Anjie Monroe
  December 5th-7th
Saturday, Sunday
New Hampshire and Maine
❝Neil's birthday weekend escape. Driving down to New Hampshire on Saturday to spend the day just being away, exploring and pretending work/life back home doesn't exist. They will stay in the Adventure Suites which has themed rooms, because Anjie thought it looked hilarious. Neil can decide which room they stayed in. So many options! Then Sunday they will begin the trek toward some light houses and anything else that comes up. They will stay in the Treehouses that day/evening. Monday they will start the drive toward home, stopping anywhere. If time gets away they can stay somewhere that night, otherwise the plan is to come home late. At some point he is also getting his donut with candle birthday cake. ❞

Sunday Dec 6rth

Start heading north
BREAKFAST @ either at the hotel, or something on the road. DONUTS MAYBE?

LIGHTHOUSES Maine Lighthouses most of them are in a line on the way home.

LUNCH: Wherever they get hungry

DINNER: Whenever they get hungry

HOTEL: Treehouses

Saturday, Dec 5th

The Drive South
PLANS & a drive along the Kancamagus Scenic Highway, it'll take about 4 1/2 hours to get from Bar Harbor to southern New Hampshire, any and all stops along the way expected/welcome

Anjie packed all sorts of treats and made coffee for both of them, Neil's in a brand new travel mug

LUNCH @ any place they find; very go with the flow

DINNER @ any place near the hotel

Adventure Suites Anjie was torn between the Treehouse and the Haunted room, but would let Neil decide, it is his birthday after all!

Monday, Dec 7th

BREAKFAST Mae's Cafe and Bakery for something warm and delicious before the drive north continues

• more lighthouses and any other stops Neil wants to make

LUNCH anywhere they want, likely somewhere with something delicious and sugary

• Anjie is all about stopping anywhere and everywhere that pops up. So anything Neil suddenly sees and wants to stop at is fair game

• Anjie expects they will roll in home late, like midnight or something. IF they get into more things and are further from home than planned (or go north to the northern lighthouse) they can come home Tuesday